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You now have the option to create custom versions of ChatGPT, each uniquely designed to function as specialized assistants, incorporating a mix of skills, specific instructions, and enhanced knowledge.

GPTs now offer you the ability to tailor ChatGPT for distinct purposes. Since ChatGPT’s inception, there’s been a growing demand for customization to suit varied user needs. Initially, we introduced Custom Instructions in July, enabling some level of personalization. However, the clamor for greater flexibility persisted. Many advanced users have been meticulously curating prompt and instruction collections, integrating them manually into ChatGPT. With GPTs, this process is streamlined for you.

We envision the most outstanding GPTs emerging from the community. We’re excited to see the innovation that will come from community builders, including educators, coaches, and enthusiasts. No coding expertise is needed to create and disseminate your unique tools.

Get ready for the upcoming GPT Store, launching this month. Starting today, you have the opportunity to create and publicly share your GPTs. The GPT Store, featuring the work of verified creators, will soon open its doors. In the store, GPTs gain visibility and could rise in rankings. We’ll be spotlighting exceptional GPTs in various categories, like productivity and education, for their usefulness and creativity. In future months, there’s also the potential to monetize your GPT based on its user base.

Privacy and safety have been paramount in developing GPTs. With ChatGPT, you maintain control over your data. Interactions with GPTs are kept private from builders. If a GPT utilizes external APIs, it’s your choice to permit data sharing. Builders customizing GPTs can decide if user interactions will contribute to model training and improvement. These options enhance existing privacy controls, including opting out of model training altogether.

We’ve established new systems to align GPTs with our usage policies, adding layers to our safety measures. These systems are designed to prevent the sharing of GPTs associated with harmful activities, including fraud, hate, or adult content. Builder identity verification is another step toward fostering user trust. We’re committed to evolving our safety measures based on GPT usage patterns and feedback. Our reporting feature on the GPT shared page is available for addressing specific concerns.

GPTs are set to become increasingly functional and intelligent, eventually undertaking real-world tasks. In AI parlance, these are often termed “agents”. We’re approaching this future carefully, considering the requisite technical and safety aspects, and allowing time for societal adaptation. We’re deeply contemplating the societal implications and will soon share further insights.

Developers, you can now integrate GPTs with real-world applications. You have the option to create custom actions by linking one or more APIs to the GPT. These actions, like plugins, enable GPTs to access external data or interact with real-world scenarios. For instance, you could connect GPTs to databases, email systems, or e-commerce platforms. This feature builds on our plugins beta, offering developers more control and seamless integration of existing plugins into GPT actions.

For enterprise customers, ChatGPT now offers even more customization options, aligned with specific business needs. Companies like Amgen, Bain, and Square are already utilizing internal GPTs for various tasks, from crafting brand-consistent marketing materials to assisting new engineers. Enterprises can start using GPTs this Wednesday, empowering in-house teams to create and securely publish internal GPTs. Our admin console facilitates control over GPT distribution and usage within your organization. As with all ChatGPT Enterprise usage, your interactions remain exclusive to your business and don’t contribute to our model improvements.

Our goal is to democratize AI development. By involving a broader community in building GPTs, we aim to create safer, more aligned AI systems. This approach stems from our commitment to collaboratively shaping AI, evident in our OpenAI API launch and ongoing research into integrating democratic input into AI behavior. More details on this will be shared shortly.

Lastly, ChatGPT Plus has been updated and simplified. It now includes information updated up to April 2023. Based on your feedback, we’ve streamlined the model selection process. No more switching between models; everything is consolidated, including DALL·E, browsing, and data analysis features. File attachment capabilities for searching documents are also now available, all accessible at chatgpt.com.