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3D Game Character Design: Invincible Villain

Prompt Language: EN
Author: Rog

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3D Game Character Design: Invincible Villain for Developers

3D Game Character Design: Invincible Villain for Developers



Please fill in the brackets with your preferences.The image generator will handle the remainder of the process. Below, after the example, you will find numerous suggestions for populating each of the customizable fields.


3D Super Villain, low angle shot, hyperrealistic male, highly detailed, abyssal demon, front angle, horned helmet, muscular build, full body view, in full height and width, ominous vibe, manipulative expression, standing, armed, leather boots, two toned colors style, extreme hideous volcanic lair background in soft bokeh, 16k –ar 1:1 –no childish, pedestal –s 267 –style raw –v 6.0

Abyssal demon, arctic necromancer, volcanic firelord, Mutant wastelander, Mountain troll chieftain, Nordic warlord, Desert nomad, Underworld demon, Cyborg overlord, Alien tyrant, Gothic vampire, Shadow elf, Arctic witch, Mutant beastmaster, Steampunk inventor, Abyssal sorcerer, Jungle chieftain, Plague doctor, Cybernetic assassin, Ghostly marauder, Ancient lich.

Head aspects:

Horned helmet, Glowing red eyes, Scar across face, Bald with tattoos, White flowing mane, Black spiked mohawk, Neon blue dreadlocks, Venomous fangs, Metal jaw, Ice-cold stare, Crimson mask, Snakelike hair, Fiery red pupils, Silver skin, Pierced eyebrows, Smoldering beard.

Physical aspects:

Muscular build, Towering height, tattooed belly, Skeletal thinness, Mechanical limbs, Shadowy aura, Razor-sharp claws, Shifting form, Imposing wingspan, Barbed tail, Ethereal transparency, Scaled skin, Stone-like texture, Multi-armed, Ice-cold flesh, Glowing tattoos, Iron-hard carapace.


Volcanic lair, Floating fortress, Dark dungeon, Cursed forest, Sunken city, Ice palace, Deserted island, Ancient ruins, Shadow realm, Neon-lit metropolis, Abandoned amusement park, Blood-soaked coliseum, Haunted mansion, War-ravaged wasteland, Toxic swamp, Subterranean cavern.

Note: Note: To allow the background to be sharp, if desired, you can suppress the expression “in smooth bokeh” from the prompt.


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