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Spacepunk Art: Illustrated Story Backgrounds

Prompt Language: EN
Author: Rog

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Spacepunk Art: Illustrated Story Backgrounds for Storytellers


Spacepunk Art: Illustrated Story Backgrounds for Storytellers



“Spacepunk Art: Illustrated Story Backgrounds” prompt was tailored for artists and story creators passionate about crafting vivid, futuristic narratives.

This preset invites you to immerse your characters in a wide-angle view of any location you desire, transformed by the distinctive spacepunk aesthetic. Picture a world where the ground comes alive with ambient lighting and neon accents, cyberpunk fashion reigns, and detailed textures backdrop graffiti art. Interactive digital interfaces dot the landscape, setting the stage for rebellion-fueled storytelling, all in stunning HD quality that promises a natural look.

As a bonus, the prompt includes access to 100 imaginative locations within the spacepunk universe, ensuring inspiration for your first tales.


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