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7 Steps of Writing 10X Better prompts

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7 Steps of Writing 10X Better prompts

7 Steps of Writing 10X Better prompts


  • Video Name: 7 Steps of Writing 10X Better prompts
    • Step 1: Consider the context of your prompt.

      Set the scene. Before diving into a prompt, think about the context in which it will be used. Setting a specific field or topic for the model to focus on will help it understand the purpose of the conversation and provide more relevant answers.

    • Step 2: Define a clear task

      Define a task. Once the context is established, give the model a clear task to complete. For example, if the prompt is about career advice, the task could be “provide the best advice for changing careers.”

    • Step 3: Be specific

      Include important details such as what the goal is, the starting and ending points, characters involved, or any relevant background information should be specified. If the prompt is too vague, it could result in off-topic, irrelevant, or inconsistent responses.

    • Step 4: Ask questions.

      To ensure the output is relevant and helpful, ask additional specific questions within the prompt. This will give the model a better understanding of what you’re looking for.

    • Step 5: Consider the output.

      After the model provides an answer, take a look at the output. If it’s not what you were expecting or it lacks detail, it’s time to refine the prompt.

    • Step 6: Refine & Repeat

      Each repetiton offers an opportunity to refine or improve the prompt. For example, if the ChatGPT generated an off-topic response, you could add more specific instructions or additional context to the prompt.

    • Step 7: Reuse refined prompts

      Reuse the refined prompt for similar context use cases


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