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Midjourney Prompt Generator

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This prompt generates the perfect and very detailed description of the image you want to create!

For best results, write the image input between the dots “….”


This prompt generates the perfect and very detailed description of the image you want to create!

For best results, write the image input between the dots “….”



Preview Input –> “A field of wildflowers stretches out as far as the eye can see, each one a different color and shape. In the distance, a massive tree towers over the landscape, its branches reaching up to the sky like tentacles.”

Output –> As you step into the surreal realm of imagination, an enchanting landscape unfolds before your eyes—a field of wildflowers that stretches as far as the eye can behold. Nature’s vibrant palette comes alive in this mesmerizing tapestry, where each flower is a unique expression of color and shape, like a painter’s brushstroke on a celestial canvas.


The field undulates with a mosaic of blossoms, a harmonious symphony of nature’s infinite diversity. Brilliant red poppies flaunt their velvety petals, exuding passion and vitality, while delicate buttercups sway gently, their golden crowns shimmering with the touch of sunlight. Purple lavender stands tall, its fragrant blooms attracting bees with their intoxicating allure, while dainty daisies carpet the ground with their pristine white petals, invoking innocence and purity.


Among this botanical kaleidoscope, a commanding presence emerges from the distant horizon—a massive tree that defies the laws of nature. Its towering silhouette reaches upward, its gnarled branches stretching toward the heavens like ethereal tendrils, entwining the fabric of reality and dreams. Each limb possesses a life of its own, curving and spiraling with an enchanting grace, as if they were reaching out to touch the stars themselves.


The tree’s bark, a tapestry of ages, bears the mark of time’s passage, etched with intricate patterns that tell tales of forgotten epochs. Moss and lichens find solace upon its ancient trunk, creating a vibrant patchwork of greens that adds an otherworldly charm to this majestic arboreal guardian.


As the breeze dances through the field of wildflowers, the tree’s branches sway in a mesmerizing rhythm, casting dappled shadows upon the colorful carpet below. Sunlight filters through the canopy of emerald leaves, painting kaleidoscopic patterns upon the ground, as if nature itself were orchestrating a living tapestry of light and shade.


In this mystical realm where wildflowers bloom in boundless variety and the colossal tree reigns over the landscape, you can feel the pulsating energy of the natural world. It’s a place where the ethereal meets the earthly, where dreams intertwine with reality, and where the boundaries of imagination are stretched beyond measure.


Now, let the AI within Midjourney’s program bring this wondrous scene to life, allowing its artistic interpretation to ignite the imagination and create a truly remarkable and unique visual experience.

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  1. marcocastagna

    It generates best prompts for midjourney

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